In the cold winter, women who love beauty are reluctant to wear sweaters even if the temperature is very low in order to maintain a beautiful image. In fact, if you chooose the right one,your temperament can also be reflected in the warm sweaters.

In the cold winter, how to be both warm and beautiful and fashionable? Then it's up to you how you choose and match your sweater!

1. Choose a more design style

You can try to choose more design sweaters. The basic sweaters look plain and simple, but with some design sweaters, they can not only look more fashionable, but also have a slightly looser version.

2. Choose a style that suits your skin tone

Whether a sweater looks good or not depends on the factors. If you want to have a further sense of beauty, you also need to pay attention to the selection of colors.

In addition to the black, white, gray, and camel colors that can’t go wrong with everyday classics, we can actually choose a more suitable color according to our skin tone.

For example, the brown sweater, in the cool and textured color difference, is also visually thin, but it is not as deep as pure black, and it looks more gentle.

In the cold winter, if it is too cold to wear a sweater alone, then add a coat. Thick coats and turtlenecks are the most important items we can't live without. They are the perfect combination in winter, not only to keep you warm, but also to make you look stylish.

Although turtleneck sweaters and coats are standard items that everyone wears in winter, the more basic the matching, the more it can test a person's clothing quality.

So how can we stand out from the crowd? Today, let's learn how to choose a turtleneck sweater when pairing it with a coat, to help you stay warm and stylish this winter!

1. From the version

Generally speaking, when a turtleneck is used as a coat inside, a relatively slim style is definitely the safest choice. Or you can choose this slightly loose fit, but remember to wear the coat open.

2. From the collar

A turtleneck sweater with a loose neckline is the best way to create a lazy and fashionable style, and it also has a good modification effect on the face.

If your neck curve is not slender enough, it is recommended to choose a style with a half turtleneck. The combination effect of a large lapel sweater and a coat is also better than a basic turtleneck sweater.

3. From the material

There are many kinds of materials for turtleneck sweaters to choose from. The wool material is the most common but also the most important. It is simple, durable and timeless.

The cashmere style is more warm and skin-friendly. Although the price will be more expensive than the ordinary style, it can also show the high-grade texture. Sweaters of this material are ideal for starting with a few classic basic colors that can be worn for many years.