Cake is an important part of dessert and one of the most popular desserts. Refreshing, delicious, delicate, cakes are perfect for afternoon tea no matter what the season.There are many varieties of cakes, and the more popular ones are mousse cakes and cream cakes that we often see.

Do you know what is the difference between them? Let's find out together today.

1. Raw materials

Although they are all cakes, the raw materials used in cream cakes are mainly fresh cream, and mousse cakes are made with gelatin or mousse powder added to the cream.

2. Taste

Cream cakes are softer, while mousse cakes are relatively smoother in taste and melt in your mouth, so they are more delicate than cream, so mousse cakes taste better than cream cakes .

3. Production process

The production process of cream cake is relatively simple. It only needs to be whipped and made into cream, while the process of mousse cake is more complicated. When making cream, some other ingredients need to be added, and then processed into mousse after being whipped.

4. Temperature

Cream cakes can be stored for a long time at room temperature, and mousse cakes are refrigerated at low temperature, usually around ten degrees. If the temperature is lower than this, the mousse will melt.

The above is the difference between mousse cake and cream cake, but everyone has their own taste preferences, choose the one you like is the best. It is said that those who eat cakes often have smiles on their faces! Eating cake can bring us the following benefits:

1. Satisfy the taste buds

While eating cakes, it not only satisfies your optic nerve, but also satisfies your taste system, making delicious lips and teeth linger. Eating cake greatly enhances your desire for a better life, and with cakes, every day is wonderful.

2. Provide energy

The relatively high calorie content of cake can increase satiety, relieve hunger and provide nutrition. At present, fruit cakes are loved by people, and the rich fruits supplement various vitamins needed by the human body and are good for health.

3. Relieve stress

Scientific research has shown that eating sweets can relieve people's physical tension, and if you're feeling anxious, consider eating some cake to cheer yourself up.

4. Improve appetite

The arrival of vegan cakes makes more people like cakes, and the vegan version of cakes that do not contain any eggs, milk, butter and other ingredients can also be so delicious! The emergence of low-sugar cakes has relieved the worries of diabetic patients, so that they can also enjoy delicious food.

We can't help but tempt the exquisite cakes we see and want to taste the deliciousness. We can replenish our energy by eating some desserts properly.