Dumbbells have now entered almost every family that loves sports and fitness. Dumbbells have different functions for people with different needs. For women, the use of dumbbells to strengthen muscles is very suitable. Let's take a look at how to choose women's dumbbells.

1. According to the dumbbell material

According to the material, dumbbells can be divided into three types: electroplated dumbbells, rubberized dumbbells and sponge dumbbells. Electroplated dumbbells are not easy to rust and fade, environmentally friendly and have no irritating odor, but they are easy to damage the floor when they fall.

The rubber-coated dumbbells are made of environmentally friendly rubber, which has a small shape and is not easy to damage the floor, but the rubber is easy to break after a long time.

The last type of sponge dumbbell is usually wrapped with a layer of environmentally friendly foam, which is comfortable to hold. The disadvantage is that the weight is too small, usually 1kg-5kg, which is not suitable for large-intensity muscle training.

It is more suitable for women who are new to dumbbells. These three materials are not good or bad, you can choose the most suitable dumbbell material according to your actual situation.

2. According to your own situation

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that women choose 2kg dumbbells. If you have exercised before, it is recommended to choose a weight under 10kg, because it takes half a year or a year for you to recover from exercise, and this weight is enough. Don't suddenly choose too heavy dumbbells, it will not only strain your muscles, but also greatly reduce your training effect.

3. According to the purpose of exercise

First of all, clarify your exercise purpose. Heavier dumbbells can exercise muscle dimension and absolute strength; lighter dumbbells are more suitable for exercising endurance and explosive power.

Then decide which muscle group you want to work, generally the larger the muscle group you're working on, the heavier the dumbbell you'll need. Generally speaking, we can choose dumbbells with medium and small weights when exercising small muscle groups.

4. According to the test weight

You can find a pair of dumbbells at the sports store. If you can do 15-25 times in a row with standard movements and feel close to your strength limit, then this dumbbell weight is suitable for you. If you can't hold up after 15 reps, you're overweight.

It is recommended that you buy adjustable dumbbells, which can be increased or decreased according to different exercise needs.

As a simple equipment for strengthening muscle strength training, dumbbells are an excellent companion for shaping. When girls are exercising at home, a pair of exquisite dumbbells will make the whole movement easy and comfortable. Let's take a look at the benefits that dumbbells can bring us.

1. Improve control ability

Dumbbells require more of your balance, weight and body stability, which is why you rarely see a bench press with developed arms. Good control is a must for training with dumbbells, and activating more muscle fibers at the same time is one of the benefits of training with dumbbells.

2. Eliminate imbalances in muscle development

Dumbbells force your limbs to work independently, and you can tell at a glance if one side is significantly weaker than the other. Training your strong side with dumbbells will not help your weak side, which makes dumbbells very effective in eliminating imbalances in muscle development.

3. Modification of muscle lines

Women practicing dumbbells can modify muscle lines and increase muscle endurance. Regularly doing heavy weight dumbbell exercises can make muscles strong, strengthen muscle fibers, and increase muscle.

It can not only enhance the muscle strength of the chest, shoulders, waist and abdomen, arms, legs and buttocks, but also improve the function of the joints, ligaments and internal organs of the whole body.