Jeans should be the type of pants with the most styles now. Too many styles often make it impossible to make a choice. Each of us has different leg shapes and sizes. Today we will talk about how to choose the best pair of jeans for you.

1. Choose according to color

Since its inception, jeans have been popular for more than a hundred years. Although their colors and styles have been changing, they are basically blue and black. Blue is a non-sturdy color, and it has the effect of getting more beautiful after washing. It is also the eternal and beautiful color of jeans. It can make people look more slender, and the style is simple and comfortable.

2. Choose according to body type

If you don't like the tight feeling, it's best not to wear skinny jeans. If you want to choose a pair of pants that reflect the curve of your hips, it is best to choose a looser pant.

3.According to the size of purchase

To buy a suitable pair of pants, we must first learn to look at the size. Because no matter what body shape, buying the right size is the most important point, otherwise you will not be able to wear it, let alone any upper body effect. To buy good-looking jeans, we must always keep in mind our waist, hip and thigh circumferences.

4. Choose according to your pocket

The pockets of jeans are not used to hold things, they are used to modify the figure. The pockets separate the front pocket and the rear side pocket, do not choose the one without the front side pocket, because the front side pocket can decorate our abdomen.

We have now learned how to choose jeans, but jeans generally fade a little after buying them, or they become deformed after wearing for a long time, so how should jeans be maintained? We together look.

1. Reduce cleaning frequency

Washing your jeans too often will only reduce its lifespan. For those denim lovers, 6-12 months is the right way to wash them, and you don't have to wait that long. But for small stains, you can wipe clean with water and air dry naturally. Washing jeans frequently will cause the jeans to lose their shape. It is best to avoid machine washing or dry cleaning for the first time washing jeans.

2. Do a good job of color preservation

In order to prevent your jeans from turning white after a few washes, you can do some color retention treatment before washing. The most common method is to soak the pants in water and put two spoons of white vinegar before washing, and soak them for half an hour. When washing, try to use a softer laundry detergent instead of a strong detergent. Also remember, never iron your jeans.

3. Use water temperature below 20 ℃

No matter how dirty your jeans are, don't think that you can wash them with hot water. The best water temperature for washing jeans is below 20 degrees Celsius. If you use too hot water, you are destined to buy new ones. If it's not too dirty, just wash off the dust and bacteria under a water bath, no detergent. You can also hang your jeans in a ventilated place, spray some water, and let them dry in the wind, so that the sweat smell on the jeans will disappear.