To be successful in business in this day and age, you have to quickly update the experience and skills you need. For businessmen, reading business books is a necessary part of career growth. Let's take a look at the books that businessmen must read.

1. "Explosive Growth"

Simply put, this book is especially useful for entrepreneurs and startup founders who want to learn about managing and running a startup, while also learning the highs and lows of the entire process and avoiding unnecessary mistakes. The author takes his own start-up company as an example to share with readers the marketing and management strategies behind the success.

2."Quick Start Guide for Entrepreneurship"

The author of this book is Ken Colwell, who has worked with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and high-growth startups for more than 20 years. If you want a quick introduction to business and entrepreneurship, this book is for you. The author covers almost every question you might ask about entrepreneurship in the book.

3. "Positioning"

Do you also want to know why you can't win the hearts of customers no matter what, while others can easily get them, and you want to know the difference with them, then read this book. This book reveals the essence of modern enterprise management, analyzes the reasons why customers cannot be won but meets the needs, and gives the positioning method of how to enter the customer's mind to win the choice.

4. "Management"

"Management" is the best-selling management textbook in the world. Since its publication, it has continued to sell well for decades, and has been widely praised by teachers and students in management academia and business managers around the world. This book can be said to be an introductory introduction for non-management disciplines. There are many examples in it. It is a very suitable book for self-study.

5. "Marketing Management"

In the field of global marketing and business circles, "Marketing Management" means a classic, which has been sold around the world for nearly 40 years and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Almost everyone in the marketing industry has a copy. After reading this book, I believe you will have a better understanding of marketing methods and find a marketing system that is more suitable for you.

6. "Visual Hammer"

"Visual Hammer" is the inheritance and development of positioning theory. Positioning is to find a vacancy in the consumer's mind, and then implant a nail. In the visual era, a better way to seize consumers' minds is not just to use words, but also to use a powerful "visual hammer". Visual images are like hammers, which can establish positioning faster and more powerfully and resonate with customers.

7. "Brand Brainwashing"

On the one hand, "Brand Brainwashing" inspires practitioners in marketing, marketing, advertising, public relations, etc., and reveals the marketing strategies that make brands deeply rooted in people's hearts and convert them into sales. On the one hand, it also reminds every consumer how to recognize the marketing tricks of the company, avoid being brainwashed by the brand, and finally clearly understand what to buy and why.

8. “The Biography of Steve Jobs”

Steve Jobs's roller coaster life and fiery personality made him a legend, a creative business leader whose pursuit of perfection and relentless passion made personal computers, animated films, music, mobile phones, Six major industries, including tablet computers and digital publishing, have undergone disruptive changes.

The more knowledge you have, the more likely you are to succeed. To gain knowledge and experience, the best way is to follow experts to learn, and the most direct way is to read more relevant books.