In recent years, the world's pollution has become more and more serious, especially around the city, it can be said that garbage is floating in the wind. Moreover, with the continuous deterioration of the natural environment, the surrounding rivers and lakes have been seriously polluted.

Nowadays, it is difficult to see clean lakes, rivers and oceans around the city, but there are indeed several very clear lakes in the world, do you know which ones are?

1. Lake Tahoe

The alpine lake between California and Nevada, there is one of the largest lakes in the United States. This lake is surrounded by mountains, and the lake water is very clear.

It is worth mentioning that the snowfall period here reaches more than 8 months, waiting until summer. There is a lot of ice and snow melt water here, so the water here is also very clear!

2. Chaka Salt Lake

On the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in China, there is a lake called Chaka Salt Lake. Because Chaka Salt Lake is located on the plateau, the temperature is very low, with an average annual temperature of only 4°C.

Come here, when the weather is good, the blue sky is reflected in the water, and the white clouds fall in the water. At this time, no matter how you take pictures, you will be beautiful. Even if you encounter a friend with bad photography skills, you can also have beautiful photos.

3. Blue Lake

Located in Lake Nelson National Park on New Zealand's South Island, this lake is by far the clearest natural water body, with visibility up to 80 meters and optical transparency comparable to distilled water. When we stand by the blue lake and look into the lake, we can clearly see the things in the lake.

After seeing the charming style of Blue Lake, you can stroll around in the park at will, and you can rest in the huts along the way when you are tired. Of course, don't swim, dive or do other behaviours in it, these are not allowed by the scenic spot.

4. Kings Lake

King Lake is located at the border between Germany and Austria, next to a border town called "Berchtesgaden". It is located next to the Alps and was formed during the Ice Age. It is famous for its clear water and is considered to be the cleanest and most beautiful lake in Germany.

Thanks to the long-term protection of local tourism managers, the ecology of Kings Lake maintains an extremely primitive and natural state. Its lake water is clear and translucent, and its water quality is excellent.

5. Flathead Lake

Flathead Lake is located in Montana, USA, with a total area of ​​nearly 490 square kilometers, which is very vast. Boating on this lake is like floating on a mirror surface, which also reflects the clarity of the lake from the side, and looking into the water, you can also see the stones at the bottom of the lake clearly.

In addition to the clear water and beautiful scenery, Flathead Lake is also a good place for fishing. However, because the lake is deep, if you want to fish, you need to prepare a long enough fishing line to enjoy the beautiful lake while fishing. It is extremely comfortable.