The Norwegian Forest Cat is a cat that lives in the Norwegian forest. This is a species endemic to Scandinavia and its origin is unknown. Although their origins remain a mystery, it is certain that their ancestors' habitat was in the Norwegian forests. In that cold and distant country, they evolved fluffy and long hair in order to survive.

The head of the Norwegian Forest Cat is triangular in shape, its neck is short, and its muscles are very smooth. The Norwegian Forest Cat has pointed ears, and its round eyes are very large and bright. Norwegian cats have yellow or green eyes in most cases. Male cats are very large, with strong shoulders and legs, while female cats are small and elegant.

The Norwegian Forest Cat grows in a very cold and harsh environment, so it has a thicker coat and a stronger physique than other cats. Compared with other cats who are afraid of winter, their natural thick coat and strong physique make them particularly fond of snow. If the cat is the ever-changing elves of the animal world, then it is the snow elves of the cat world, giving people an amazing feeling.

The Norwegian forest cat has strong legs and runs very fast. It is not afraid of the sun and rain. When walking, its neck hair and tail hair are elegant and very beautiful. But their number has been decreasing year by year, and there is even a crisis of extinction. Therefore, it is all the more important to work hard to protect them now.

Many people can't tell the difference between a Norwegian forest cat and a Maine Coon cat. The biggest difference between the two is the shape of the face and the shape of the eyes. The Maine Coon cat has a curved nose when viewed from the side. The Norwegian forest cat has a straight nose. However, like the Maine Coon, the Norwegian Forest cat has an air of grace in its gestures.

Not only that, but the Norwegian Forest Cat is also very smart. Maybe it's because the ancestors lived in an inherently harsh environment, which made them very strong in adaptability and self-care ability. With a little training, they can perform tasks like puppies.

The Norwegian forest cat has a very strange life habits. It is introverted and very independent, and has a clear mind. Norwegian Forest Cats are energetic in their daily lives and like some more adventurous activities. They are bold, but also very cautious. It especially likes to go out and can adapt to all kinds of bad weather.

The Norwegian Forest cat has thick fur, a strong physique, and a fast running speed. It is a very good cat. But why are so few people keeping Norwegian forest cats? In fact, the few people who keep Norwegian forest cats may be due to the following reasons!

High requirements for living space. The Norwegian Forest Cat is very large, and it likes adventure and climbing, so it needs a lot of living space, otherwise it will not be enough to move. And now many people's houses do not have enough space for Norwegian forest cats, so there are fewer people to keep them.

Hair care is super troublesome. The Norwegian forest cat is very hairy, and the whole body is covered with long hair, so its hair care is very troublesome, and the pet owner needs to brush and bathe it regularly, but many pet owners generally do not have so much time. In addition, it also likes to lick its fur, and the pet owner needs to give it some medicine regularly to help it get rid of the hairballs.