A cat's coat color is determined by genes, and the genes that determine the coat color also determine its personality? is this real?

A study by the University of California in the United States shows that the temperament of cats can be roughly judged from the color of their coats. The researchers asked 1,274 cat owners to take part in a questionnaire, asking them to answer questions such as how often their cats showed aggression, how they responded when they were handled, and how they behaved in the veterinary clinic. In 2010, Tokyo Agricultural University also surveyed 244 cats through questionnaires. In the end, they concluded that some cats' coat color and personality relationship.

1. White cat

Keywords: apathy, lack of vigilance, lack of curiosity, indifference

Many cat owners say that white cats are notoriously indifferent. In fact, while genes affect coat color, they also affect hearing. And it will make cats show pure white coat color gene, which will affect the hearing of white cats with a high probability. In other words, pure white cats, most of the hearing is not very good. Therefore, when the cat owner calls them, they don’t usually response, that’s why they are considered "indifferent" by many cat owners. In particular, cats with pure white fur and blue eyes have extremely poor hearing, and some are even deaf. Perhaps due to the lack of security due to poor hearing, pure white cats are less timid. Although they are indifferent, they are easy to rely on people.

Fun Fact: The eyes of pure white cats are mostly blue, yellow or different pupils of one blue and one yellow.

2. Tuxedo cat

Key words: cheerful and lively, mischievous, gluttonous, neurotic, especially strange

Tuxedo cats are named for their black and white appearance. It is generally believed that the Tuxedo cat is very active, and often makes some strange behaviors, and successfully won the title of "Husky among cats". Having a Tuxedo cat is like having a husky. And Tuxedo cats don't seem to get along well with other cats. They are smart and witty and good at catching mice. Probably because they are too smart, so other cats seem stupid to them, they are too rational to play with other cats.

3. Black cat

Key words: peaceful personality, strong hunting desire

Black cats are genetically closest to their wild cat ancestors and have the wildest personality, but they are also very close to their owners and like to go out and about. The black cat has always been regarded as an ominous symbol in western countries, but in eastern countries, black cats are considered to be things to keep houses, ward off evil spirits, and attract wealth. Contrary to its cool appearance, the black cat does not have the temper of a gangster but is considered to be peaceful. Not too outgoing and not too introverted, not too friendly and not too distant, not too cute and not too aggressive. All features are well balanced. They just like to hunt, maybe they still have the soul of a wild cat in their bones.

4. Tabby cat

Keywords: smartest, extrovert, socialist

Tabby cats love to play, like to get along with people, and are very thoughtful. They give you massages, talk to you, express their demands, and are proper socialites. After a long time, they will learn to look after the house, reject outsiders, and may launch an attack, but not necessarily. Because they haven’t been domesticated for long, they are very wild, very curious, and have excellent fighting and hunting abilities.

5. Ginger cat

Keywords: mild personality, friendly, nice, fat

Ginger cats are generally not vigilant, are close to people, are super coquettish, and rarely go against their owners. Maybe it's because of the leisurely character that created the fleshy body? They're also smart because they'll make eye contact with you intelligently and literately, giving you an affectionate feeling.