On a road trip, enjoying the scenery passing by the car window along the way is a pleasant and comfortable thing to think about, but the most beautiful things are usually set off by some dangerous factors, and the feeling will be stronger.

Located on the west coast of Norway, an 8.3-kilometer-long Atlantic coastal road attracts thousands of drivers to try it every year. Not only because of the special shape of this road, but also the changing scenery along the way, it is known as the most beautiful and most dangerous road in the world.

The Atlantic Coastal Highway is a highway in the county of Möhler-Rumsdal, Norway, connecting a series of islands between the municipalities of Ed and Avor, and is part of Norway's national road 64. The road is 6.5 meters wide and has a maximum longitudinal gradient of 8%. There are 8 bridges and 4 rest stops along the way.

The Atlantic Coastal Highway was opened in 1989 and consists of 8 bridges. It is one of Norway's national tourist routes.

This road is also known as the "Drunken Bridge". The reason is that there is an arc-shaped bridge in the road at the position of the bend. The designer used the method of visual difference at the beginning, so that the driver once had the illusion that there was no way to go, which was very exciting.

Because of the unique style of this road, it is also called "the road to the sky" by many people.

Drive along this road until you reach the scenic fishing village of Bede, known as the road to paradise for motorists. The winding, rugged roads and natural beauty along the way, as well as the unique architectural features, have made this one of the "Best Sightseeing Roads in the World" by the British "Guardian" and the ninth most must-see attraction in Norway.

This road, which is extremely rare in the world, can not only allow you to enjoy the unpredictable natural scenery of the Atlantic Ocean, but also enjoy the visual stimulation. The Norwegian Atlantic Coastal Highway is the most dangerous but also the most beautiful scenic drive in the world, and its spectacular scenery attracts many daring tourists every year.

When the weather is good, driving on the Atlantic Coastal Highway, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the reefs, small islands and magnificent fjords on the side;

However, when the weather is bad, the originally beautiful road is no longer beautiful. At this time, if you are driving on a road close to the sea, the wind and rain are mixed, and the big waves will roll directly onto the road surface from time to time, giving people a stimulating feeling of sailing on the sea.

Not only is the Atlantic Highway engineered with ingenious design, but its scenery is absolutely breathtaking. In the Atlantic Road, there are many parking spots for self-driving and cyclists to rest and enjoy the view. Beautiful landscapes, salty sea breezes, fresh air, stunning sunsets and changing weather all await your discovery. If you are a self-driving travel enthusiast, you must not miss this super highway that combines human wisdom and natural beauty.