The rulers of ancient Egypt ruled the country during their lifetime and wanted to consolidate the world after death, so they built the Egyptian pyramids. The pyramid has a history of four or five thousand years from now. As a symbol of the high civilization of ancient Egypt, it is a treasure for human beings to know and understand history. The Egyptian pyramids are actually the tombs of the emperors, which hide many unsolved mysteries of the pyramids.

1. Exploration of the ancient monuments of Tula

The ruins of the ancient city of Tula, the majestic temples and magical statues, have gone through the vicissitudes of life, but the 8-meter stone giant warriors still stand majestic, overlooking the changes in the world.

In that remote mountain city, the conditions are very primitive and backward, why can such a magnificent pyramid be built? How to transport a monolithic boulder weighing dozens of tons to the high pyramid peak and carve it into a statue? Why does its building resemble the monuments in many places in scale and form?

2. The Sphinx

The Sphinx next to the world-famous Egyptian pyramids is probably also known to the world. However, why the ancient Egyptians built this stone statue next to the pyramid has become an unsolved mystery of the Egyptian pyramids.

The Sphinx appeared in Greek mythology in ancient times. Similar sculptures can still be seen on some ancient Greek buildings, tombstones and shields.

It is said that it was used to suppress evil spirits. Statues such as the Sphinx have different shapes depending on the era and region, but they may all be built for the same purpose.

However, some people speculate that the purpose of the Sphinx built next to the Egyptian pyramids is to reflect the majesty of the supreme ruler.

Because the face of the head resembles a pharaoh. However, there were also dissents. What is the purpose of the construction of the Sphinx in Egypt remains to be further verified.ther verified.

3. The Secrets of Khufu's Pyramid Architecture

The Great Pyramid of Khufu is facing east, west, south and north, and its top is a 52° cone angle. So, there is a reason for building this angular shape. Its top is strong, it will never collapse, and even an earthquake will not have a big impact.

It seems that the pyramid is in the center of the magnetic field lines, and it moves with the movement of the magnetic field lines, and it also moves with the movement of the earth.

Therefore, the vibration amplitude is extremely small. This may be the reason why the pyramids have survived the vicissitudes of life but are still as stable as Mountain.

4. The 200th person to fall to his death

As soon as you hear the ancient and alluring name of the Egyptian pyramids, it attracts many tourists. Many brave warriors came to the pyramid, wanting to taste the taste of climbing the top of the pyramid, but so far no one has been able to do so. According to local police records: Since 1940, a full 200 people who have climbed the Shwedagon Pagoda have ended up falling to their deaths. Climbing to the top of the pyramid without anyone coming back alive is one of the great mysteries of the pyramid.

5. Fantastic features

The Egyptian pyramids show all kinds of magic: if you have a toothache, just sleep in the pyramid-shaped building and it will go away. Vegetables, fruits, and meats are placed in a pyramid-shaped structure, which can last for a long time without spoilage and deterioration and maintain a fresh color. Put coffee in a pyramid-shaped structure and store it for 24 hours. After 24 hours, its taste is much better than ordinary coffee. The above facts make people think that the pyramid must have an invisible energy. What is this invisible energy, the researchers call it "pyramid energy".

6. Elevation of the Pyramid

Long debated and surprising is the elevation angle in pyramid construction, where pi two was used because the ratio of the height of the pyramid to the circumference of the base is exactly 1/2pi. The special elevation angle of 51°52' used by many pyramids. However, the facts in a large number of ancient documents and ancient cultural relics show that the Egyptians' concept of pi and angle was still vague at that time, and it was unclear what was going on. So, people speculate that aliens helped the Egyptians build the pyramids.