Winter temperatures may leave you with a bone-chilling coldness, but snow and ice add a magical vibe to just about any landscape. From the snowy wonders of northern Hokkaido to the famous winter markets in Strasbourg, here are 10 of the most beautiful and popular locations for winter landscape photography.

1. Antarctica

Of all the winter landscapes in the world, Antarctica is second to none. This vast white wilderness is home to some of the most magical elemental forces: snow, ice, sea and rock. Wildlife photographers also love it because of its unique habitat—penguins, Weddell seals, humpback whales, and the millions of seabirds that flit across the Southern Ocean.

2. Sweden, Lapland

Swedish Lapland has majestic mountains, endless forests with reindeer and of course the magnificent Northern Lights. Lapland in winter is one of the most fascinating places on earth.

3. United States, Alaska

If you dare to face Alaska's bitterly cold winters bravely, you'll be well rewarded. From peaceful winter sunrises to elusive auroras - the views are nothing short of spectacular.

4. Yosemite Park, USA

From January to March, fewer tourists visit this wildlife hotspot, which means you can enjoy Yosemite's natural beauty to the fullest. During the full moon, photograph the lunar rainbow at the base of Yosemite Falls, and at sunset, the seasonal falls can glow like fire for up to 10 minutes a day.

5. Strasbourg, France

Located at the crossroads of France and Germany, Strasbourg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that truly brings the magic of winter. Strasbourg is touted as the birthplace of European winter markets, with more than 300 wooden chalets, countless brightly lit streets and a majestic tree in the city's historic center.

6. Central Park, New York, USA

Central Park is one of the most beloved (and certainly most photographed) scenes in the world. It's an endless stretch of rolling meadows, elm-lined walkways, manicured European-style gardens, a lake, and even a reservoir. The 843-acre park is covered in snow for at least two months of the year and is just as magical in winter. Be sure to go early to avoid crowds.

7. Switzerland, Lucerne

Known as the pocket version of Switzerland, Lucerne is a lakeside town where history, culture and spectacular scenery collide. In addition to charming restaurants, traditional shops and Swiss architecture, Lucerne is surrounded by impressive mountain panoramas, perfect for photo opportunities.

8. Franz Josef Glacier, New Zealand

Located on New Zealand's South Island, Franz Josef Glacier is a breathtaking 12km long glacier that rises from the Southern Alps to the valley below. For those reluctant to trek to this natural wonder, the village at the entrance to the valley has its own unique scenic charm.

9. Telluride, Colorado, USA

Surrounded on three sides by the towering San Juan Mountains, Telluride is the highest peak in North America at 14,000 feet. The town itself is a perfect strip of bright, colourful Victorian homes, clapboard storefronts and boutiques. This former mining town has been turned into a popular ski destination.

10. Hungary, Budapest

Budapest's summer is loved by all, but its winter is just as beautiful (and far less crowded). Divided in two by the Danube, Budapest's stunning medieval skyline comes alive in winter - Romanesque buildings blanketed in snow and revelers zip between cafés and spas to keep warm.